NDBIB, having reached the pinnacle in the corporate debt finance market, has successfully structured and placed a portfolio of Rs. 85 billion raised in the local market alone.
Much of our success is due to our unconventional approach, which embraces new technology and innovative thinking combined with core financial principles. NDBIB continuously reinforces it's commitment towards research which acts as a springboard for the development of new and unique debt products. We were pioneers in venturing into the securitization of utilities, plantation and credit cards, in the Sri Lankan market, which was a resounding success.
Our vast database of institutional and high net-worth investors, guarantees all our clients, efficient and effective placement of their debt instruments. NDBIB's professionalism and holistic approach has enabled us to nurture excellent working relationships with our clients and investors, resulting in many of them coming to us many times over the years.
Achievements : Largest Equity offering on the CSE - Rs. 8.6 Billion Dialog Axiata PLC.
Achievements : Largest Rights Issue - Rs. 15.55 Billion Dialog Axiata PLC.
Achievements : Largest Preference Share Issue - Rs. 5.0 Billion Rated, Cumulative, Redeemable for Dialog Axiata PLC.
Achievements : Largest Lease securitization in a single tranche - Rs. 1.06 Billion for People's Leasing
Achievements : Largest Utility based securitization - Rs. 1.43 Billion for Ceylon Electricity Board
Achievements : Largest IPO Oversubscription - 344.98 times for Union Bank
Achievements : Largest Funds Subscribed - Rs. 129.37 Billion Union Bank
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