Managed 3 of the 4 largest IPOs on the CSE to date:

1. Dialog Axiata PLC: Rs. 8.0 billion
2. People's Leasing Company PLC: Rs.      7.0 billion
3. Lanka IOC PLC: Rs. 4.02 billion

Introduced the concept of book-building with IPOs of:

1. Lanka IOC PLC
2. Dialog Telecom PLC

Managed top 3 IPOs in terms of quantum of funds subscribed:

1. Union Bank of Colombo PLC: Rs. 129      billion
2. Dialog Axiata PLC: Rs. 55.9 billion
3. Singer Finance (Lanka) PLC: Rs. 54.3      billion

Introduced the concept of tender process with private placement of:

• Union Bank of Colombo PLC

Managed top 2 IPOs in terms of levels of oversubscription:

1. Union Bank of Colombo PLC: 344      times
2. Singer Finance (Lanka) PLC: 135.8      times

First Credit Card Receivables Securitisation for:

• Richard Peiris Distributors

Largest Rights Issue to date on CSE:

• Dialog Axiata PLC: Rs. 15.55 billion

First Utility based Securitisation for:

• Ceylon Electricity Board

Largest Preference Share Issue to date on CSE:

• Dialog Axiata PLC: Rs. 5.0 billion
     (Rated, Cumulative, Redeemable      Preference Share Issue)

First Future Tea Receivables securitisation for:

• Talawakelle Tea Estates PLC

Largest Loan Syndication without a guarantee from a financial institution or ECA:

• Serendib Flour Mills: Rs. 3.6 billion

First Future Lease Receivables securitisation for:

• Lanka Orix Leasing Company Limited

Largest utility based securitisation:

• Ceylon Electricity Board: Rs. 1.43      billion

Introduction of discretionary allotment of shares in an IPO:

• People's Leasing Company PLC

Capital Raising


IPO - Issue Size

Book build

IPO - Funds Subscribed

Tender process

IPO - Oversubscription

Credit Card Securitisation

Utility based Securitisation

Preference Share Issue

Tea Securitisation

Loan Syndication

Lease Securitisation

Utility based Securitisation

Discretionary allotment in an IPO

Achievements : Largest Equity offering on the CSE - Rs. 8.6 Billion Dialog Axiata PLC.
Achievements : Largest Rights Issue - Rs. 15.55 Billion Dialog Axiata PLC.
Achievements : Largest Preference Share Issue - Rs. 5.0 Billion Rated, Cumulative, Redeemable for Dialog Axiata PLC.
Achievements : Largest Lease securitization in a single tranche - Rs. 1.06 Billion for People's Leasing
Achievements : Largest Utility based securitization - Rs. 1.43 Billion for Ceylon Electricity Board
Achievements : Largest IPO Oversubscription - 344.98 times for Union Bank
Achievements : Largest Funds Subscribed - Rs. 129.37 Billion Union Bank
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