NDBIB's proactive team of highly skilled professionals specializes in primary equity and secondary markets. We approach each challenge with an intensely - client driven approach and gear ourselves to ensure success in dynamic financial markets. We offer a broad-based suite of products and services covering a wide spectrum of activities, including originating the transaction, management and syndication and ensuring optimum market penetration in terms of marketing and distribution. The solid backing of the NDB group adds strength and diversity to our operation and enhances our ability to offer the most comprehensive solution the market has to offer.
Achievements : Largest Equity offering on the CSE - Rs. 8.6 Billion Dialog Axiata PLC.
Achievements : Largest Rights Issue - Rs. 15.55 Billion Dialog Axiata PLC.
Achievements : Largest Preference Share Issue - Rs. 5.0 Billion Rated, Cumulative, Redeemable for Dialog Axiata PLC.
Achievements : Largest Lease securitization in a single tranche - Rs. 1.06 Billion for People's Leasing
Achievements : Largest Utility based securitization - Rs. 1.43 Billion for Ceylon Electricity Board
Achievements : Largest IPO Oversubscription - 344.98 times for Union Bank
Achievements : Largest Funds Subscribed - Rs. 129.37 Billion Union Bank
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