Our team brings together a depth of experience and multi disciplinary knowledge, combined with the shared drive to deliver financial solutions that are structurally superior. The disciplines of Finance, Accounting, Economics, Engineering, Statistics, Mathematics and Marketing are well represented by our team members who offer a unique combination of both local and foreign expertise.
Our staff members have been chosen through a rigorous selection process. Investment Banking is a passion and a lifestyle for our team and they take pride in the quality and ingenuity of their work while upholding strict standards of ethical conduct.
Achievements : Largest Equity offering on the CSE - Rs. 8.6 Billion Dialog Axiata PLC.
Achievements : Largest Rights Issue - Rs. 15.55 Billion Dialog Axiata PLC.
Achievements : Largest Preference Share Issue - Rs. 5.0 Billion Rated, Cumulative, Redeemable for Dialog Axiata PLC.
Achievements : Largest Lease securitization in a single tranche - Rs. 1.06 Billion for People's Leasing
Achievements : Largest Utility based securitization - Rs. 1.43 Billion for Ceylon Electricity Board
Achievements : Largest IPO Oversubscription - 344.98 times for Union Bank
Achievements : Largest Funds Subscribed - Rs. 129.37 Billion Union Bank
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